Supported Technologies
Although we pride ourselves on the ability to support virtually any event registration SaaS (Software as a Service) or ASP (Application Service Provider), we have extensive experience in the following applications. We have provided our opinion on the advantages we feel each application brings to the table.

eMeetingsOnlineTM sets itself apart from much of the competion in its extremely flexible design capabilities. You have relatively unfettered freedom to choose the flow of your registration forms as well as site design. Forms are a collection of sections chosen by the user, each having different functionality (e.g. registration fields, activities choices, hotel reservations, payment, etc.) Users choose how many of each type of section as well as the order in which they will appear to compose the form. This open architecture allows for greater flexibility in the flow of the registration process. In addition the application allows for extending the functionality through user-defined javascript functions.

Multiple Sites/Forms can exist for the same meeting offering flexibility for different types of attendees as well as different content.

WIth the merger of StarCite and OnVantage in the fall of 2006, seeuthere.comTM emerged as the registration tool to be supported and was renamed MeetingViewTM.

MeetingViewTM continues to improve driven in part by the migration of the many RegWeb diehards converting from the retired product. The introduction of Advanced Layout, akin to RegWeb's Templates with many improvements over the latter provide the ability to deliver very customizable looks to the sites.

MeetingView's breadth of registration functionality along with robust communication and survey tools make it a stalwart among the large corporate enterprise users as well as many agency service providers.

CventTM remains the reigning king of attendee communication with it's vastly flexible and programmable communciation tools. Born out of the audience generation concept, it's strengths lie in the ability to e-market an event and communicate with the attendees.

The registration protion of the application is available for two major levels of users, Professional and Enterprise. Professional provides much of the standard registration capabilities but with limited customization and flexibility. The Enterprise version allows for extended customization and more site content pages.