Internal Planner Support
To be a strategic asset to your organization you need accurate and comprehensive information.
Standardization of registration processes is the key to turning data into powerful information. Consolidating registration services through a single source facilitates consistency across diverse events.  Whether you have an internal staff or outsource to multiple planning suppliers, a standardized registration function provides the foundation for maintaining useful and accurate information.

Today's business environment demands online registration systems with industrial grade capabilities.
The robust security, redundancy, availability and bandwidth provided by commercial on-line registration system are a must.

Registration System Support

Select the Right System
We know today's on-line applications.  We will ensure you understand all your options so you make an informed decision.

We Enable, You Use
Our design services create the registration website and data structure for each meeting within on-line applications.  The depth of knowledge we possess enables us to create efficient and professional sites that live up to your high standards of appearance and functionality.  Our broad experience allows us to share best practices and winning methodologies to incorporate into your own events.

Once the site is published on-line, your team takes over and leverages the benefits inherent with on-line registration. We stay involved to provide on-going support, enhancements and updates as required.

Why Choose Meetings IT

Meetings IT assists internal planning teams with online registration in assorted ways. We can:
  • assume additional workload during seasonal peaks.
  • provide alternative on-line applications when the default registration system is unsuited for a specific event.
  • create an exceptional registration site for a special event.
  • be the primary registration resource, standardizing your information across all events and Planners.

We support a variety of the commercially available online registration systems.  Meetings IT is not a reseller.  We are a non-biased advisor that recommends systems based on specific requirements and budget.

Conferences, Med Ed, Corporate Meetings, Conventions, Incentives. Current clients include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novo Nordisk, Event Stategy Group, HelmsBriscoe, McVeigh Associates, Above the Rim Events, and many others. 

No Commitment
We don’t have long term contracts. Our expertise, responsiveness, flexibility and competitive rates keep our customers coming back. Simply call us whenever you need our services.