Independent Planner Partnerships

It's how GOOD you are...not how big you are!

Fortune 500 companies demand online registration systems with industrial grade capabilities.
The robust security, redundancy, availability and bandwidth provided by commercial on-line registration system vendors are a must for today's corporate client.  Pursuing corporate accounts with an custom in-house registration system puts the Independent Planning firm at a distinct disadvantage.

Committing your business to a single commercial registration system greatly limits the number of companies you can work with.
If you standardize on one commercially available system while your corporate prospect has another, you’ll be passed over for vendors who can support the corporate standard.

How can an independent planner compete when faced with these requirements?

Make Meetings IT part of your team!

Meetings IT provides independent planners with access to today's premier systems and services without the costly overhead of full-time staff or the expense of software and on-line service licenses.  With access to a broad range of commercially available systems, our staff of registration professionals and decades of down-in-the-trenches experience, independent planners can expand and contract their virtual team to meet the needs of the most demanding corporate prospects.

We’ve helped many clients win engagements by providing the right system, at the right price point with a demo site and presentation that stands out from the crowd. When our clients engage our services, we build out the demo site and help present the solution to the prospect at our own expense. We win business in partnership with our clients, not as “hired guns” who get paid no matter the outcome. 

Win More Business
We recently provided an online registration demonstration that enabled one of our larger clients to close a deal to manage over 200 meetings in the next year. Often, our demonstration and presentation are the deciding factor in our clients landing new business when the competition is fierce and the stakes are high.

Current clients include HelmsBriscoe, McVeigh Associates, Travel Forum, Above the Rim Events, Bristol-Myers Squibb, New York Life and Computer Associates and many others. This broad experience allows us to share “best practices” and winning methodologies you can incorporate into your own events.

Turn-Key Solutions
We provide complete registration site service – the correct system for the job, the build-out of the site itself, support throughout and follow up after the event is completed.

We support a variety of the commercially available online registration systems, enabling our Independent Planner clients to engage most prospects knowing they offer capabilities their competition will be hard pressed to equal; either a state-of-the-art registration system selected to match the prospects specific needs or support for the system the prospect has already standardized upon.  By teaming with Meetings IT, you turn you registration system capabilities into a strategic advantage that will grow your business.

We build, You Use
Working with us doesn’t mean you must turn the entire registration process over to us. Far from it; we build the registration site and support your needs. Your team uses the registration site to manage the event. You’re still conducting most of the billable services surrounding registration yourself. We simply provide the portion that makes you more efficient, grows your business and gets you noticed.

No Commitment
We don’t have long term contracts. Our expertise, responsiveness, flexibility and competitive rates keep our customers coming back. Simply call us whenever you need our services.