About Meetings IT

Thank goodness for the Worldwide Web. It has revolutionized the way we all communicate. But it has also placed a new burden on today's planner, web design. Like it or not, any event of significance benefits greatly from having a web presence and preferrably a site wherein attendees can register for the event. And as with most new facets of today's events the planner is quickly targeted as the source for getting this done.

Fear not, there are many online applications dedicated to the specific task of developing an event website, complete with site content management and data gathering and reporting. The challenge for most planners or planning organizations is getting the most out of these online applications to deliver a truly professional looking and functioning website for your event.

Meetings IT is your dedicated outsource for web design services utilizing technology specifically designed for meeting and event websites. We work with tools such as StarCite/MeetingView™, eMeetingsonline™, Cvent™ and many others ensuring the most reliable and flexible event websites. We have strong relationships with each of these providers and a deep technical understanding of the products so we make certain you are getting the most out of the tool and out of your website for your event.

Our staff members are seasoned meeting professionals not programmers. They have unique web design skills and understand your needs and vision for your site and can make it a reality. With years of experience with many different types of clients and events, we can get the job done in a fraction of the time most planners spend creating a site so we are economical as well. We also understand that you needed it yesterday, not two months from now and we can work with the tight deadlines and quick turnarounds required in today's fast paced environment.

But we don't end with the website. Should you require additional specialized support for off-line complex reports, on-site data management, name badges, personalized agendas or virtually any other attendee data related service, we are there for you.